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Hupler works 24/7 as your personal, automated search engine to find you fast, refined and relevant results that will help you to discover new clients & contracts.

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 Last month Hupler indexed more than 100,000 projects worth over $10bn for freelancers and companies just like you.

Indexing over 10,000 sources including:

Perfect for

As the only tool that independently monitors the web, you can let Hupler
work & watch your business grow.


Generates a larger client base 

By monitoring the web through various sources, Hupler brings you the information you need to succeed in winning better clients.


Scans all social media platforms

Hupler monitors social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and selects potential clients looking for your services.


Easily fulfils your requirements

Hupler saves you time by refining your search so your results are quick, accurate and relevant.

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    Create Your Free Account

    To open an account, just register for a free demo by clicking 'Try our free Demo'. We will then contact you via email within 24 hours to inform you that your account with us is active.

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    Hupler Starts Searching

    Use the search box to refine your requirements and Hupler will search thousands of sources to pull together results based specifically on your criteria. Our data is updated every 24 hours so that your results are always relevant.

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    Apply Directly, No Commissions

    Use your bespoke results to win more business, with no commissions taken on any projects won.


Machine Powered & Quality Checked By People.

"It's not possible to monitor thousands of sites for jobs & projects without machine help. Hupler is the only solution that truly addresses this issue and couples it with people power to ensure quality results."

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Tailored Results. Specifically to You.

There is over $1 trillion of remote work available each year; Hupler never lets you miss an opportunity.



Specify your desired location so that you only discover clients related directly to that area.


Source Filtering

Hupler has the ability to index thousands of sources so you can just select the ones that work for you.



You can easily control the value of your displayed projects by filtering aspects such as the cost and hourly rate.


Hupler likes what you like

When you use the 'like' button amongst your search results, Hupler will start to recommend projects that are of interest to you.


Keyword Filtering

You can exclude unwanted terms and add keywords & search terms to influence your results.


Growing Sources

Hupler is continuously growing in sources so that you have a constant stream of brand new opportunities!

  • “It wasn't possible to monitor thousands of websites for jobs and projects. Hupler is the only solution that truly addresses this and couples it with people power to ensure quality results are met.”
    Lillie L.
    Freelance UX Blogger — New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hupler charge commissions on work found?

No, Hupler never charges or gets involved with contracts and projects found on the platform.

What if I am not happy with the service?

Your satisfaction with Hupler is our number one priority - our fantastic Customer Service Team are always on hand to help.

What is Hupler?

Hupler makes finding new clients and opportunities easy by constantly supplying you with new data.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, you can use Hupler as much or as little as you require.

How long is it before my account goes live?

Please allow 24-48 hours for your account to go live.

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